Sacred Rage Journey sessions take one down the journey of deep, repressed anger from trauma, abuse, and neglect. To look at it with open eyes, feel it and then be able to release the anger and pain to come through to the other side in forgiveness and love.

What these sessions entail


The sessions are 2 hours in length (the full 2 hours may not be used, the leftover time is for you to relax, rest, and integrate)


We tap into your life to see where the repressed anger stems from.

a) Childhood
b) Teens
c) Adulthood

When the suppressed anger is spoken, we then take it into a “Rage Release”

a) Releasing it vocally
b) Physically
c) Tears are shed

Somatic tools are used to relax the bodily systems


We will go through this several more times till you feel the anger has been released.


Discussion around love and forgiveness for self and for others


Once the “Rage Release” part of the session is complete, there is a time where you will lay down and I will play several songs and offer an energetic alignment. This will release any more tendrils of anger hanging on as well as aligning all of your bodily systems.


You may book a ½ hour follow-up integration call with me.


You will receive a package in the mail of sacred salt scrubs to use during the integration week.


Price of the Sacred Rage Journey: $285

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Meet Deborah, your facilitator.

Deborah has been using her Shamanic gifts her whole life. Her activations, transmissions, drumming and healing modalities have been able to release energy that no longer serves. She has a way of bringing laughter and joy into transforming a difficult situation.

Working with her allows you to “be” yourself. She sees through all of the bullshit, the masks, and the trauma. Whether you’re laughing, crying, screaming, or swearing she’s with you every step of the way. Holding you heart to heart, with compassion, love and a willingness to listen and intuitively able to see the light at the end of your tunnel.

What others are saying about these Sacred Rage Sessions

“Deborah’s Sacred Rage Journey provided a safe space for me to access and release some deep-seated anger that was subconsciously running the show in many areas of my life. It was the perfect supplement to years of talk therapy that hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem. After the session I felt as though I could start moving forward in life without the weight of anger clouding my judgment and negatively impacting my decision making.


If you’re looking for a safe way to process the stuffed down anger that you’ve carried around for years, then Sacred Rage Journey is for you. In a controlled, guided way, Deborah leads you on a journey to uncover the root cause of the anger that’s holding you back from living the life you want. Whether that anger comes from childhood trauma or adult injustice, this session can help you bring up, release and heal it. It’s a great addition to your self-help toolkit when you’re doing “the work” and unsure of why things aren’t shifting quickly as you’d like. There might be some anger you’re not even aware of that’s keeping you stuck. A session with Deborah can help you remove the anger-colored glasses and see your life more clearly.”


“Repressed anger and rage can show up as heat (inflammation) in the body, an over-reactive temper, and clenched jaw and neck muscles – things that have plagued me for decades. I had tried many modalities to process the backlog of those stuck emotions, but it wasn’t until my Sacred Rage Journey Session with Deborah where I was able to truly access them using somatic tools to move and scream them out that allowed me to truly release them. Her ability to hold compassionate and safe space for the release and help in moving the energy out was profoundly healing for my inner child that was always shamed for showing anger during my lifetime. And it showed me how much energy I was unconsciously using to repress the rage which was smothering my ability to have compassion for myself and those around me. She creates a beautiful healing space that allows light to shine into the depths of your inner dark corners so you can be lovingly brought back into wholeness.”

– Cara H.

I’m looking forward to working with you and holding space for you in love, compassion, and honor.

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